Snapshot for January's BOLD Rewards has been taken

The Snapshot for January's BOLD Rewards has been taken on December 25th. This will form the basis for the rewards on January 25th when another snapshot will be taken.

Accounts in this snapshot (with 777 or more BOLD tokens) will be evaluated against January's, and those accounts without any withdrawals between December 25th and January 25th will qualify for the rewards.

Remember - to benefit from the rewards, you should keep your tokens in a non-exchange wallet, such as MEW, IMToken or Ethereum wallet.

Read more about the BOLD Rewards program here.

Q1: The BOLD Writing Contest - 15,000 BOLD Tokens for 3 Winners!

Team BOLD has launched the quarterly BOLD Writing Contest. This contest will run for 3 weeks, ending on January 24 2018.

Task: Write an article promoting BOLD, and publish it on the Steemit blockchain.


Other than the above, be creative - that's a major yardstick for selecting winners! You can enter as many entries as you want.

Each winner receives 5,000 BOLD tokens!

To enter your article in the contest:
Once published, send an email to: In the email, include the following (all are required):

The BOLD Development Team will pick the winning entries, and they will be announced on January 30th 2018.

Good luck!