Notice: The BOLD Rewards program has been discontinued as a result of the transition of BOLD to a Cryptonote coin

About Bold

Powered by the Ethereum platform, Bold (symbol: BOLD) is an ERC-20 Token built solely and purposely with a vision to become a widely-accepted medium of exchange, as well as a safe and straight-forward store of value over time. Simple. Uncomplicated.

Here's a quick explainer video to give you the 90 seconds wrap-up on BOLD:


  • Name: Bold
  • Symbol: BOLD
  • Decimals: 8
  • Total Supply: 7,777,777
  • Total distribution (including Bold Rewards and Bounties): 85%

Limited Supply

Only 7,777,777 BOLD tokens will ever exist. This low supply of tokens forms the basis of the token's potential to grow in value.

Bold Rewards

Holders of BOLD tokens who have a minimum 777 tokens on the 25th day of the month will receive a Bold Reward of 7% of their holdings.
Bold Rewards will be paid out until all tokens designated for the purpose are distributed.

Token Distribution

Airdrop distribution/available on exchanges: 60%.

Initial token distribution is via Airdrops.

  • Number of tokens per airdrop registrant Phase 1: 777
  • Total tokens distributed Phase 1: 1,554,000
  • Total tokens distributed after all airdrop phases: 4,662,000 (60%)

Airdrop Phase 1 Registration:
Closed. Airdrop ended.


Exchanges - Phase 1

Compatible Wallets

Bold Rewards

Get Rewarded for "holding" - How it works:




Ethereum: 0xab758C76E93a1b63d0F768bda48Ce2d038cB4892

Bitcoin: 15JaTcPLoVFxMVB3KdpvjsbKWM2Wmwe36X

Litecoin: LhBKMbodtxXw4u7uH1NfrxQz15r4HbDJhd